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The Little Known Way to Slash Your Heating Bill by Up to 50% WITHOUT Replacing Your Existing Windows… Guaranteed.

Why choose COLD SHEILD?

  • Insulate your existing windows from the cold winter at a fraction of the cost of replacement
  • Insulate your existing windows against oppressive solar heat gain in the Summer
  • Insulate your existing windows against annoying exterior neighborhood noise by up to 70%
  • Works on all types of windows, vinyl, wood, aluminum, single and dual pane
  • Pays for itself in a fraction of the time of window replacement due to lower cost and better insulation
  • Protect draperies, carpet and furnishings from damaging UV rays
  • Eliminate cold and annoying window drafts
  • Get better heat for less money

Many people are unaware that up to 50% or more of your homes heating bill can be attributed to heat loss through glass.  A typical dual pane window has an R-value of only 2.5.  Compare that to your average wall R-value of 21 and you can see why people often refer to their windows as “holes in the wall.”

Although it is the preference for most homeowners to have as many windows as possible to let in our precious sunlight, this is often a two edged sword for most Alaskan homes.   If you’ve ever sat on a piece of furniture located near a window on a cold day, you can typically feel the cold air falling from the window and creating “convection” type drafts that move cold air though out the house making it feel cold and drafty despite where the thermostat is set.  Not only is this uncomfortable, but it is costly.  The cold air you are feeling move off of your windows isn’t so much cold air moving in, as it is the warm heated air from your house moving out, and yes, that is heat you have paid for.

Cold Sheild Magnetic Insulation panels use the same technology used in a 100 million dollar jet to keep cold air from infiltrating past the glass.  The two main reasons that window grade acrylic is used in a jet are:

  1. A  1/8 inch thick piece of Acrylic has 8 times more insulation than the equal thickness of glass.
  2. Acrylic reduces exterior noise by 70%.

Why replace your windows when you can make them far more efficient at half the price?

Did you know the R-value for a single 1//8 piece of glass is on .9?  Thats right, not even 1 full R-value.

The average window replacement job will take over 20 years to pay for itself in heat savings.  This is assuming that none of them fail in that time period, which of course is highly unlikely.

Cold Shield window covers have a higher insulating value than most dual and triple pane windows, at a fraction of the price.  Cold Sheild window covers are also far more efficient than plastic shrink wrap type window films that can look distorted and need frequent replacement.  Our system creates an air gap between the cold glass and the surface of the acrylic.  This is similar to how a Thermos works and is a very important component in sealing out the drafts, condensation and weepy windows that ruin paint or drywall around the window.

The cover itself is nearly invisible to the eye and far stronger than a sheet of glass.  17 times stronger to be exact!  Making them nearly shatter proof. Cold Shield window covers are also installed with minimal interruption and hassle when compared to tearing out old windows and placing new ones in.  Most homes are framed up in 1 day.  A final measurement is then taken for Cold Sheild cover sizes on every window and these panels are then custom cut at our shop and installed a few days later with minimal hassle.   Once they are on, you will instantly feel a difference in the quality of the heat in your home, as well as an instant change in the noise you hear from outside.  Calm, quiet and WARM instantly.

Did you know Acrylic window covers can provide up to 115% better thermal resistance than a window with a single pane of glass?

Look at some of these numbers testing acrylic vs. glass:

  • Glass loses 5 to 6 btu’s per square, per hour according to CRC Handbook of Chemistry Acrylic, whereas a sheet of acrylic the same thickness will lose only 0.7 to 1.7 btu’s per hour according to the Handbook of Plastics.  (Indicates acrylic is up to 8 times more thermally insulating than glass).
  • Heat loss reduction of 412.5 btu/hr/sq. ft (from 687.0 to 274.5) when applied to a single pane window.
  • Architectural Testing Inc., York, PA.  In tests performed.
  • U-value of .48 in combination with single pane window. As determined by John M. Yellott Laboratories, Arizona, in test performed.


Cold Shield Window Covers virtually eliminate air infiltration.

A magnetically sealed acrylic window cover is rated at less than .01 CFM/lineal foot of crack space compared to DOF standard of 2.0 for storm windows.

This not only means savings, but comfort.


Moisture on the surface of the glass is caused when the warm moist air from your house hits the cold surface of the glass.  This causes the same effect you would see if you walked outside on a hot sunny day with a glass of ice water, only it is very destructive when it is going on inside your home.

Over the years wet windows can rot the framing in your home causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  As well, it can destroy the wood on a wood framed widow, ruin paint, stain and varnish on the window, cause rotting of the drywall around the window which can hold mold and other undesirables.

Cold Shield covers eliminate this problem in most homes by stopping the warm, moist air from ever reaching the glass.  In fact this process is halted by up to 60% in most homes.  This means no more wiping of glass and window sills to protect from damage.


Removing your Cold Shield covers is about as hard as opening your refrigerator door.  After all, they both use the exact same principle.  Although larger panels may require two people for removal, most panels are easily removed for cleaning and/or storage by one person.

Cold Shield panels are cleaned using a soft cloth and non-ammoniated window cleaner which can be found at almost all grocery stores.


We use only optical grade window acrylic.  These acrylics are made to have the exact same optical rating as glass.  If you never told anyone that your windows were covered with acrylic, they would never know.

Optical grade acrylic contains no polystyrene, which is the cause of yellowing or crazing in low cost plastics and acrylics.  The view you have now, will be the view you have once your Cold Shield is installed, and that will never change.


We guarantee all parts and labor for 5 years, but thats not all we will guarantee you.  If we don’t reduce your existing heating bill by 50% in one years time, we will refund 10% of your job cost.  Restrictions apply, please call for details.

Are you ready to quit throwing money out of YOUR windows? If so call us today for a free in-home estimate and consultation. You’ll get a chance to view the product and get all your questions answered.

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